Sample NNN and NN properties include:

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Timing is everything. The team at receives more than 100 single tenant NNN properties every day from our network of owners, developers and other real estate brokers. Most of these NNN triple net leased properties are "pre-market" or "first day on the market." Every NNN real estate property is analyzed based on location (primary retail corridor), demographics, lease terms and tenant credit record. will email the best NNN properties to you before most other investors see them.

Receive NNN investment property from Fortune 500 companies. Principals only, please.

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1031 Exchange Until You Die

Most people have heard the saying, “Nothing is certain except for death and taxes.” 1031 exchange is the exception.

When investment property that has appreciated in value is sold, there will be a tax liability. However, if you or your children inherit investment property, the property will have a stepped-up basis. Stepped-up basis means the property value is readjusted to the current market value, not the price the property was purchased for. Depending on the value of the estate, you or your children may not have any tax liability when property in inherited.

Buy and Hold

Although some investors purchase a NNN property and sell it for a quick profit, most NNN property investors hold their property for many decades.

Think like Warren Buffet, who is famous for buying stock in a quality company and almost never selling it. He is not focused on how the value changes from year to year. Mr. Buffet is confident that a quality company will prosper and continue to prosper.

The same long-term principle is true – along with the additional security from the underlying real estate – for NNN property. If you purchase a NNN property with a quality tenant and location, it is very likely that your tenant will fulfill all lease obligations. In addition, when your tenant eventually vacates, the quality property you purchased many years earlier should be significantly more valuable (assuming market rents have risen).

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