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The team at receives more than 100 single tenant NNN properties every day from our network of owners, developers and other real estate brokers. Most of our NNN triple net leased properties (and NN double net lease income properties for sale) are “pre-market” or “first day on the market." Every property is analyzed based on location (primary retail corridor), demographics, lease terms and tenant’s credit. will email the best fee simple or ground leased NNN properties to you before most other investors see them.

In addition, "The NNN Triple Net Property Book" was written for buyers of single tenant NNN property.  You will learn the following about NNN property and real estate investing: pros and cons of NNN property, passive income, investment goals, importance of location and the tenant’s credit rating, cap rates, building a diversified portfolio, whom your broker represents, environmental issues, ground leases, the difference between NN and NNN leases, franchise vs. corporate leases, what a letter of intent is, why a letter of intent matters, the 96% rule, timeline of the purchase, importance of estoppel certificate, 1031 exchange information, receiving NNN properties from and much more.

"The NNN Triple Net Property Book" is a tremendous resource and a must read for 1031 exchange, 1033 exchange, and income property investors who want to own NNN leased investment property with long-term triple net leases.

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Receive "The NNN Triple Net Lease Property Book." Click Here

Four Reasons Why Investors Utilize 1031 Exchange

Reason #1 is to defer both Capital Gains and Depreciation Recapture Tax.

Reason #2 is to consolidate. Whether you own rental houses, apartment buildings, shopping centers or any other combination of investment properties, consolidating may make your life easier. For example, you are able to sell multiple properties and 1031 exchange into fewer properties.

Reason #3 is to diversify. If all of your properties are in one asset class (residential, commercial, etc.), you can diversify your portfolio by selling some of the properties and 1031 exchanging into another asset class. In addition, if all of your properties are located in one geographic area, you can diversify into other locations.

Reason #4 is to simplify your life. If you own management-intensive property, you can 1031 exchange into NNN property and leave all maintenance and repairs to your tenant.

Passive vs. Active Income

Passive income is the financial reward for good planning. Passive income from a single tenant NNN property is guaranteed money you receive in your mailbox every month, for 10 to 25 years (often longer), without worrying about vacancy, property management, leaky roofs, clogged toilets, taxes or insurance. Investors purchase NNN property to provide passive income for their family and to fund their retirement. NNN property also will be an anchor in the financial legacy you leave when you pass.

The opposite of passive income is active income. Active income is money you receive from your day job or “hands-on” investments such as apartment buildings, office buildings and shopping centers. It takes a significant amount of time and energy to produce active income.

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