The NNN Triple Net Property Book

NNN Triple Net Property Book

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Topics covered in the book listed below.
Chapter One
Why Buy NNN

  • The Phone Rings
  • Passive vs. Active Income
  • NNN Properties Are Not for Everyone
  • Baby Boomers, Retirees, Doctors, Attorneys & Other Professionals
  • Three Investment Goals
  • Strong Guarantee & Prominent Location
  • Own a Piece of the Rock
Chapter Two
What NNN Buyers
Need to Know

  • Relationships Mean More Than Money
  • Buy and Hold
  • Location Matters
  • Long-Term Leases Are All About Control
  • Locations Become Branded
  • Two Happiest Days of Owning a NNN Property
  • Own a Piece of the Rock
  • Low Cap Is Safe…High Cap Is Dangerous
  • Is It Okay to Pay Full-Price?
  • Build a Diversified Portfolio
  • High Leverage = Risk
  • Which States Should You Target or Avoid?
  • Why Lowball Offers Don’t Work
  • What Does Your Real Estate Broker Do?
  • It’s Whom Your Broker Knows
  • Whom Does Your Broker Represent?
  • How the Seller Views You
  • A Seller Wants Three Things
  • Your Attorney Can Help or Hurt You
  • Is an Environmental Problem a Deal Breaker?
Chapter Three
About NNN

  • Pros and Cons of a Ground Leased Property
  • Pros and Cons of a Fee Simple Property
  • Why Most People Avoid Leasehold Property
  • Lease Terms are Permanent…Unless They Are Changed
  • Are You Sitting on Cash?
  • Who Owns the Properties for Sale?
  • Not All NN or NNN Leases Are the Same
  • Tenants Prefer Free-Standing Property
  • Big Box vs. Smaller Box
  • Does Your Property Need to Be Close to Where You Live?
  • Franchise vs. Corporate Lease
Chapter Four
From The

  • Heed These Nine Warnings
  • May You Call Me Five Times a Day?
  • Be a Decision Maker
  • The Process & the Property
  • When and How Do You Receive Rent?
Chapter Five
From Letter of
Intent to Closing

  • What Is a Letter of Intent?
  • Why an LOI Matters
  • Use the 96% Rule
  • LOI Before You Fly
  • Timeline of Your Purchase
  • Do You Need an Attorney?
  • Should You Visit the Property?
  • Why the Estoppel Certificate is Important
Chapter Six
1031 Exchange

  • What Is a 1031 Exchange?
  • What Is Like-Kind Property?
  • Should You 1031 or Pay the Taxes?
  • Four Reasons Why Investors Utilize 1031 Exchange
  • Who Holds Your Money?
  • Timeframe & Identification Rules
  • Purchasing Your Replacement Property
  • How Should You Take Title?
  • 1031 Exchange Until You Die
Chapter Seven
Why Work With

  • The Team
  • Broker Relationships
  • What Buyers Need to Hear
  • Most Clients Are Referred
  • You Will Be Prepared for Success
References Matter

An excerpt from the book:

Two Happiest Days of Owning a NNN Property

The two happiest days of owning a NNN property are the day you purchase your property and the day your tenant’s lease expires. Here’s why: When you purchase a NNN property with a creditworthy tenant, it is extremely likely that your tenant will fulfill its obligations throughout the primary lease term. This means you will receive a rent check, every month, for 10-25 years. In addition, tenants often extend their lease throughout the option periods. This means you could receive uninterrupted cash flow for 30, 40, 50 or more years.

The second happiest day of NNN property ownership is the day the final option period of your tenant’s lease expires. Here’s why: Your property gets a “second lease on life” when the tenant’s lease expires. This means you can negotiate a brand new lease with your current tenant or you can rent your property to an entirely new tenant. Either way, the new lease will be at the new market rental rate.

Think back 20 or 30 years. Rents were very low relative to today. Now imagine how high rents might be 20 or 30 years in the future. Again, the two happiest days of owning a NNN property are the day you purchase your property and the day your tenant’s lease expires.

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