1031tax.com Client Testimonials

"Finally, a book that helps explain how this all works in plain English! Alan's book is accessible by anyone - including recovering lawyers like myself - and that's saying something."

"I'd recommend this for anyone interested in learning more about buying NNN property."

- Patrick S. Ryan, J.D., Ph.D.
Strategy & Operations Principal at Google Inc.

"Read your book in one sitting and really enjoyed it. I have been investing in NNNs for several years and I appreciated the insights. The book answered some questions I have had for a while. Well done! Congratulations!"

- Robert Brauer

"Alan Fruitman with 1031tax.com made the purchase of our first NNN property very simple, quick and comfortable. Alan was always available by phone or email and got back to us the same day, even on the weekend. Alan answered questions about various properties, terms and the process of buying a NNN property."

"We really liked receiving the new property emails and the property brochures we requested. We would definitely contact Alan Fruitman and 1031tax.com when we buy another NNN property."

"Thank you very much for helping us purchase a stress-free property."

"Alan Fruitman has a tremendous relationship with his buyers and he works harder and faster than anyone in the NNN business. I have had the privilege of working with Alan Fruitman on many transactions. I call Alan before I bring my NNN properties to market."

"Every time I call, Alan has a quality buyer who purchases my property."

- Sam Zaitz
Legend Retail Group

- Sean and Kimberly Evans

"At first I was a bit skeptical, purchasing brick and mortar real estate from a firm that refers to itself as 1031tax.com, but Alan proved his vast knowledge and professionalism of 1031 properties right out of the gate."

"I was not new to real estate, but had to get up to speed fast on 1031 NNN properties as our down leg transaction was moving along fast. We've succeeded in diversifying our portfolio to include the purchase of properties with several high quality tenants such as McDonald’s, O'Reilly Auto Parts, 7-Eleven, Chipotle and Panera Bread. All of the locations are in prime retail areas that we feel will meet the test of time."

"Alan had the time and patience to get me up to speed quickly and helped me develop a timeline to work within. He's always been available and willing to help out at any time with whatever issues arise during the course of my transactions. I'm nearly halfway through with my exchanges and am very satisfied with the quality of the NNN properties we've acquired so far."

"Alan is my 'go to' guy."

- Michael Solondz

"I have worked with Alan Fruitman for more than 15 years and have referred several of my clients to him for real estate services in addition to purchasing several properties of my own. Alan's attention to detail, knowledge, and professionalism are the reasons for his longevity and success in the real estate business."

"It is with the utmost confidence I will continue to refer my clients to Alan."

- Todd K. Schiff, CPA

"When the time came to initiate a 1031 exchange purchase, we contacted Alan Fruitman because he had been staying in contact with us for two years via email notices. He was very helpful in guiding us through the exchange purchase process in a very professional and friendly manner. He facilitated all communications with the seller and provided all necessary paperwork in connection with the purchase, making the experience much easier."

"During the whole process, from beginning to end, Alan would always follow up with phone calls that made us feel he really had our best interests at heart. We felt very comfortable working with Alan and highly recommend his services to any client."

"We owned a NNN net property before and liked the idea of receiving passive income with no landlord responsibility so Alan was our best choice in helping us find another NNN property to suit our needs."

- Ross and Linda Greco

"One of the things I appreciate the most about owning NNN properties is that it keeps my income stream consistent. For years I owned small apartment buildings and I made good money doing it, but I was constantly at the mercy of changing market conditions. If the insurance industry got nervous about something, my rates would fluctuate dramatically almost overnight. If the local taxing authority assessed my property for too much, I was forced to spend time and money contesting their value and usually did not win. But, with my NNN properties, I no longer have to worry about those issues."

"There are two things that separate Alan Fruitman from all the other people that I have dealt with in the real estate industry. The first is that he is almost always immediately available for me when I pick up the phone to call him. No messages, no call backs, no appointments necessary. The second is that he has established an extensive network of quality professionals in almost every state of the country. No matter where I search for and find a property, he is able to connect me with reliable professionals to help me close on my property without any problems."

"Alan listens and learns about his clients. He finds out what his clients are really looking for and what they really need. Then he helps them work through all the options to find the best match possible. He doesn't sell them on the easiest or best thing for himself."

"I truly believe he would rather sell nothing than lead his client to a deal that was not good for them."

- Vance Hunt

"We have worked with Alan Fruitman since 1999. Alan has assisted us in converting our equity interests in management-intensive shopping centers into management-free net leases while avoiding tax recognition through Section 1031 exchanges. Alan and his colleagues at his company 1031tax.com have been instrumental in our acquisition of properties leased to, among other leading tenants, Walgreens, CVS, McDonalds, Burger King, Chili’s, Rite Aid, AutoZone, etc."

"The newsletter published by 1031tax.com keeps us informed about current developments in the Section 1031 marketplace. We can count on Alan not only to identify transactions of potential interest to us but to work with us diligently toward a successful closing. We have recommended Alan’s services to many associates in the real estate industry."

"We expect to continue to avail ourselves of the expertise of Alan and the 1031tax.com team in the future."

- Marilyn Joy and Walter Samuels

"I have been in commercial real estate for 40 years. I first met Alan Fruitman in 2003 through an associate of mine. During the last 11 years, Alan and I have collaborated on over $70 million of 1031 exchange properties."

"Alan is one of the most competent real estate professionals I have ever met during my career and his integrity, honor and dignity as a person and professional are beyond reproach. Of all the transactions in which we have been involved, not one required a written agreement between us as all was done on our word and handshake."

"In short, Alan’s word is his bond—what greater compliment can there be to a person or professional?"

- Michael J. Antonoplos

"I have years of experience in building and operating single family and multifamily residential pieces, as well as commercial retail and office parcels. But I had little experience in free standing credit tenant investing prior to meeting Alan. Alan continues to provide me with the education of his meaningful experience, opening me up to opportunities of trading some of our assets into properties credit tenanted on free standing parcels."

"We are in the process of acquiring a credit tenanted free-standing parcel at the moment, without a trade (as the absence of a trade does not interfere with the value to us of this piece).  Alan is careful to be responsive without being directive, while at the same time seeking to make certain that I avoid tripping and hurting myself."

"He has been a pleasure to work with over the last few years, and I look forward to continuing to work with him for many years into the future."

- Arnie Malk

"Alan Fruitman is the most knowledgeable commercial real estate agent regarding NNN Properties that I have met. I purchased my 4th NNN property from Alan and it went so easy."

"One thing I really like is that when I need information about different properties, Alan gets right on it and I had an answer within 1 day. Alan has given me advice about the latest properties on the market. I started my first NNN property in 1981 and it was the best thing I ever did. Owning NNN property is so easy, very little work is needed and it seems to me much safer than the stock market. You have less risk and guaranteed return with less exposure."

"I really enjoy talking to Alan because of his knowledge which really helps me follow the properties for sale."

- Bob Schoenbachler

"I feel completely confident working with Alan on identifying triple-net properties that are consistent with our investment strategy."

"We frequently communicate and I get daily listings on properties that are tailored to our needs. Alan has provided guidance as it relates to the individual properties and the best investment at any given time. His relationships with other brokers and his credibility and integrity are verified through my various discussions with numerous real estate professionals. We have purchased over ten triple-net properties through Alan and I’ve been able to learn, not only how to analyze the assets, but also to get a better feel for real estate throughout the country."

"I unequivocally recommend Alan based on his professionalism and level of diligence that have effectuated the numerous transactions on which we have worked."

- Julio Peterson

"I am grateful to know and have Alan Fruitman represent our family's investments in commercial real estate. His wisdom and advice in this area are un-matched. Rather than being driven for the closing so he would be paid, I found Alan intense to represent me well. His thorough analysis is unmatched. He is passionate about representing his client and the best interests of his client."

"This book is just another example of his desire to educate his clients."

- Steve Booren

"We needed to find three replacement properties for my in-laws to complete a 1031 exchange under an extremely tight timeframe. Having been involved in over $15 billion of real estate acquisitions over the past 20 years, I didn’t think I needed a lot of guidance."

"However, after a large NYC real estate hedge fund referred me to Alan, it became apparent that buying NNN was unlike purchasing multitenant properties. From that point on, I stopped working with, and looking at offerings from other brokers and worked exclusively with Alan. Alan provided much needed guidance and information necessary for us to choose the right properties to match our credit risk and investment horizon. He communicated issues and concerns well and kept the process moving at a quick pace."

"Without any reservation I would recommend Alan to anyone who is looking to purchase NNN property in any part of the country."

- Rob Friedberg

"Working with Alan Fruitman was an excellent experience."

"When we started to sell some property that had been in the family for several generations, we were not familiar with the 1031 process".

"For our family, Alan was the perfect broker. I probably receive ten calls a month from other 1031 brokers. I would not use anyone other than Alan."

- Rich F.

"A friend introduced me to Alan Fruitman in 2008. I was selling a multi-tenant property in Brooklyn and wanted to 1031 exchange into a single tenant NNN property. Alan and his team patiently shared insightful information and helped me buy a NNN property in a world-class location. I am now in the process of buying another NNN property and value the nationwide inventory of new properties Alan sends to me every day."

"In addition, I confidently refer my friends to 1031tax.com."

- Anthony Conte

"As I entered the NNN property market, I got a coach and a mentor in addition to a broker. Alan provided the guidance I needed to better understand NNN properties and has always been a great source of information."

"My success is, in no small way, due to the commitment Alan and his staff made to me."

- David Roussos

"From start to finish Alan was swift, attentive, receptive and extremely informative. His wisdom, database and market knowledge guided us intuitively to secure a $15M commercial Trophy Property. One of Alan's finest qualities was how calm, confident and reassuring he was during the intense negotiation process."

"I will continue to work with and refer Alan to anyone involved in a 1031 exchange."

- Kara Fiore

"Alan is a true expert in NNN properties. His years of experience, his broad network and his deep expertise combine to enable his clients to obtain the optimal properties that fit their investment goals."

- Jeff Tucker

"Working with Alan has been an enlightening experience. He is very well versed in our craft and I have learned some new aspects of our industry from him."

"Alan pointed out the importance of the percentage of rent to the gross sales of the store. He can analyze a deal as well as anyone I have ever met. Through Alan I am enjoying a steady stream of rental income during my retirement. I strongly recommend that anyone interested in single tenant net leases speak to Alan first."

"Even if you don't buy anything it’s a good learning experience just talking to him."

- Marty Novick

"Working with Alan Fruitman is a real pleasure. Alan not only demonstrated competency in real estate investing, but he also demonstrated integrity by putting my interest first. Alan even counseled me to skip a questionable offering even when I had submitted an LOI through him. He said to the effect that “Let’s wait for something better.” We had never worked together before that, but he already committed my interest above his."

"Alan never pushed me to consummate any deal for his benefit but gave me room to consider my own circumstances. In my subsequent deal with him, he counseled me to stay on a deal when my buyer remorse kicked in. Indeed, in hindsight, it was a deal not to be missed, and I am glad I listened to Alan."

"I am glad Alan was in that deal with me."

- Alex T. Kwei

"My wife Linda and I have been investing in residential real estate since 1975. After managing rental properties for most of our lives we wanted to simplify our lives and real estate holdings and decided to purchase a NNN property."

"Alan Fruitman and his team at 1031tax.com helped us purchase our first NNN property in 2011. Alan knew we were unfamiliar with this style of ownership and walked us through the process. They could not have made us any more comfortable in our acquisition through their team effort."

"In 2013, Alan helped us purchase a second NNN property. We trust Alan and his team 100% and have confidently referred several of our friends to him."

"Alan’s character, communication skills and knowledge of NNN property is unparalleled."

- Murray and Linda Acheson

"If one is interested in navigating the labyrinth known as Internal Revenue Code 1031 Tax Free Real Estate Exchanges, please contact Alan Fruitman. The many nuances of the tax code are complex and potentially a financial 'Titanic.'"

"Contact Alan, he is a knowledgeable and experienced professional."

- David K.

"Alan Fruitman and his team at 1031tax.com has been an important contributor to the successful strategic approach of our firm in the commercial real estate space."

"We encountered Alan over a decade ago and have done business with and consulted with him ever since. Alan has always been willing to work with us, providing investment advice and properties to consider, whether it is on the buy or the sell side. Alan and his team have the highest integrity and always stand ready to help. I highly endorse Alan and the1031tax.com team's skills."

- Paul Olson

"Working with Alan Fruitman was both pleasant and financially beneficial. His ability to help identify and invest in NNN properties made it simple to take advantage of the cumbersome IRS 1031 Exchange requirements."

"My first venture into the world of NNN leases still provides a solid income 10 years later."

- Saul Tawil

"We were fortunate to find Alan Fruitman and 1031tax.com when we were looking for a 1031 exchange property. Alan helped us locate and identify a Walgreens property that fit our demographic and yield criteria."

"We were very happy with the guidance received from Alan and his team, and we were able to successfully close the transaction and still own the property to this day. We would not hesitate to contact Alan again with our 1031 or single tenant property needs."

- Suraj Sani

"Thank you for all your help in making my recent acquisition. We looked at a lot of properties. Your advice was highly valued during the process, enabling me to select my property with great confidence."

- Todd Myers

"Alan has been very helpful with the acquisitions of triple net properties for our real estate portfolio. Along with Alan's knowledge is his ability to communicate and educate, which proves extremely beneficial in creating a bond of trust."

"Through many conversations we were able to identify and purchase properties which suit our many needs. NNN properties now make up 65% of our real estate holdings. Managing multiple triple net properties is proving to be cost effective compared to multifamily and office retail."

"For our needs and desires, NNN properties have proven to be a lucrative fit to our real estate portfolio."

- Howie Raymond

"I have been involved in over a thousand transactions and have dealt with numerous financial advisors. Alan is very knowledgeable, methodical and operates with high integrity."

"He is at the top of my list and I consider him the best in his field."

- Brandon Haddon
President OmniCredit

"I have successfully closed two single tenant retail transactions with Alan Fruitman and found him to be both easy to work with and a consummate professional. Alan demonstrated excellent client communication throughout each step of the process in addition to superior market knowledge."

"I would highly recommend his services and would welcome the opportunity to work with him again."

- Don McMinn
Marcus Millichap

"I contacted Alan on behalf of a client with respect to a target property to be purchased for retirement income (this was not a 1031 transaction) as a proxy for a part of the client’s fixed income allocation. Alan was extremely helpful and responsive throughout the process. He followed up with the seller’s broker and the developer to assure all of our questions were answered promptly and he was proactive in raising issues we should consider addressing."

"Our client had a cost segregation prepared to maximize the depreciation deductions, including bonus depreciation which generated a large first year tax loss. The loss was fully deductible as a result of a large passive capital gain recognized in the same tax year – a very positive result as the client had a long-term capital gain and an offsetting ordinary loss."

- Carl A Loden, CPA/PFS
Partner, Keiter

"Alan Fruitman makes me look like a genius to my clients. Many clients face a problem later in life. They are tired of the numerous hassles which arise from being a landlord. Yet, because of years of depreciation, they cannot sell their leasehold property without significant federal income tax consequences."

"The answer to this problem comes through Alan. He finds a solid triple-net lease with a significant return, which return will continue to grow over the years. This allows my clients to sell their present property or properties and, through a 1031 Tax Free Exchange, roll those funds into a hassle free investment, which will give them a monthly stream of income for years to come."

"Alan is great to work with, always available, and ready with clear, unbiased advice. In the end, because of Alan’s hard work, my clients think I’m a genius. Thank you, Alan!"

- William S. Dick, Esq.
Dick, Stein, Schemel, Wine & Frey, LLP

"Many of my clients find that their tax situation is driving them to do a 1031 exchange. In some cases they are tired of the headaches of "tenants and toilets". Alan Fruitman and his company, 1031tax.com, offer the replacement property solutions that my clients need plus the control of owning property without having to deal with other partners."

"Alan has always been efficient and professional when working with my clients."

- Chris Sayre
Your Castle Real Estate

"I had the good fortune of meeting Alan Fruitman approximately 10 years ago when doing research about 1031 Tax Exchanges. At that time I was in need of a rather large tax exchange property for a close friend of mine."

"Alan exhibited the patience of a true champion. That is, his devotion to the project went far beyond the fee he would ultimately enjoy. He painstakingly navigated the process for this buyer, who was somewhat unfamiliar with the 1031 Exchange process, in a way that provided the buyer with absolute certainty about his eventual decision."

"From one cold call to 10 years later, while my needs have varied, I know with confidence, that if I put Alan on the case, something positive will result from it. The only tough part I had with Alan was the fact that the Internet service I was working with at the time was in dial up mode."

- Eliot Tawil
Wharton Properties

"Many of us in our company have worked with Alan Fruitman for several years. One of our lines of business is to provide IRC section 1031 qualified intermediary and Like-Kind exchange services, and our clients often request a referral to providers of replacement properties. I feel completely comfortable referring our clients to Alan, as I know that they will receive current market information with sufficient variety to suit their specific needs."

"Alan is very professional and knowledgeable. He is well aware of the opportunities in the marketplace, and which opportunities serve the needs of specific clients. I have mutual clients with Alan who have achieved a positive outcome and have returned to Alan for more opportunities."

"I plan to continue to refer our clients who are seeking 1031 replacement properties to Alan Fruitman."

- William P. Lopriore, Jr.
NES Financial

"Alan and I became friends and business acquaintances in 2005, when he sold one of my listings. Since then, we have maintained our friendship and have meaningful discussions about market conditions, cap rates, and college football."

"Alan and I make it a point to meet every year at the ICSC real estate convention in Las Vegas. While there are many things I like about Alan and the people at 1031tax.com, the main thing I like is the way they do business. I send all of my listings to Alan because he has a tremendous pool of buyers and does not compete with other brokers for listings."

"I highly recommend Alan Fruitman and 1031tax.com to any NNN property buyer and to any broker who has NNN property for sale".

- Bob Manor
Coldwell Banker Commercial AI Group

"It has been a pleasure to work with Alan Fruitman over the years. It can be difficult to find honest and knowledgeable brokers in the net lease market today, but I can say that Alan is one of the few that really knows his stuff and has his client's best interest in mind. He is very professional and always very responsive and efficient."

"My experience working with Alan has definitely been a positive one and I look forward to working with him again on future transactions."

- Derrick Schroeder
Solid Investments of Berger Realty Group

"I have with worked with Alan Fruitman for over a decade and have closed multiple transactions with his group. Alan provides constant communication with detailed information making the vetting process easier for us and our clients."

"I look forward to working with Alan and his team in the future."

- Will Pike

"Thank you for your assistance in the purchase, 4.5 years ago, of my NN property in Florida."

"The process of reviewing, choosing and negotiating properties with your assistance was very simple. I knew I had an advocate during the entire process. Although I am aware there is risk and NN or NNN properties may not be for everyone, I have surely appreciated having this property as a portion of my portfolio."

"I know from receiving many inquiries and offers that there are many, many “brokers” out there offering various NN/NNN properties. I would recommend anyone considering such an investment to consider Alan as their representative as he answered my questions, did what he said he would do and followed-up on matters as a professional."

"Thanks Alan for your help with my purchase and let’s continue to keep in touch."

- Van Jones

"Alan Fruitman and his team at 1031tax.com are one of the only NNN property brokers I trust to work with my clients. Since I exclusively focus on arranging financing for NNN property, Alan and 1031tax.com are the perfect strategic partners for my company and my clients looking to purchase NNN property such as include Walgreens, CVS, Advance Auto Parts, Dollar General, Chase Bank and many others."

"I am 100% comfortable and confident in referring my clients to Alan Fruitman and his team. They have a tremendous amount of knowledge and experience in representing NNN property buyers and in the intricacies of 1031 exchange. Alan and his team are also involved in the International Council of Shopping Centers, where they work with many developers and network with other real estate brokers to find 'off market' NNN properties."

"I have arranged acquisition financing for several of Alan’s buyers and the experience was tremendously positive. I most recently arranged financing for one of Alan’s clients’ who purchased a flagship corporate Walgreens, O’Reilly Auto Parts and Dollar General."

"I look forward to working with Alan, his team and his clients / associates that need financing for NNN property. Alan and his organization are very professional, ethical and trustworthy, and I believe the core values of our companies are very much aligned."

"I look forward to continuing my strategic alliance with 1031tax.com and assisting their clients."

- Christian S. Marabella
Marabella Commercial Finance, Inc.

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